Reader Profile: Alyssa Ott

For every day of our Indiegogo campaign, we’ll be sharing profiles from readers and supporters of Glass Bookshop both local to the city and from across Canada. Visit our campaign page now to claim cool perks and support us in building a beautiful brick-and-mortar space in downtown Edmonton. And read on to discover why today’s featured reader is excited to one day visit Glass Bookshop!

Alyssa Ott originally hails from Ontario, but most of her adult life has been spent living in Edmonton and London (UK). She’s the Content Marketing Manager for Edmonton Tourism’s multi-award winning marketing team. When she’s not attracting the world to Edmonton, she can be found camping, sitting on a patio, fawning over other people’s dogs or chairing the marketing committee for the Edmonton Tool Library, a non-profit that provides low-cost access to home and garden tools. From gaming start-ups to art galleries, Alyssa has lent her talents to just about every type of creative endeavour you can think of in the last decade, and has collaborated with the likes of Virgin Games, Parks Canada and the European Union, just to name a few. Read on to learn more about her relationship with books and why she’s excited for Glass Bookshop to open.

How did books and the act of reading come to be meaningful to you?
Books have always been a great escape for me. It’s one of the first places a child is creative, visualizing a completely made up world in their head. That’s true magic.

What is your relationship now to books and reading?
Reading is a form of relaxation for me. I try to read every single day.

Is there a book that has had significant impact on you?
Harry Potter. Like so many kids, this was the first book that made me obsessed with reading and it holds a special place in my heart.

How does literature influence your sense of community?
Literature is a dialogue and a form of art. It reflects the world around you, even if it’s rooted in fantasy. Just like any form of art, a good piece of writing can spark real change and I think amplifying diverse voices is more important than ever for our community.

How do you find new books or writers?
I’ll always take a recommendation from a friend, but I’m also obsessed with the Goodreads app.

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had in a bookstore?
Bookstores are my favourite places, so every trip is a memorable one.

What do you think Glass Bookshop could offer Edmonton’s community of readers and writers?
Glass Bookshop will bring a welcoming and inclusive space to The Quarters. Plus, books and wine are a winning combination if I’ve ever known one.

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Alyssa Ott
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