Reader Profile: Breanna Mroczek

For every day of our Indiegogo campaign, we’ll be sharing profiles from readers and supporters of Glass Bookshop both local to the city and from across Canada. Visit our campaign page now to claim cool perks and support us in building a beautiful brick-and-mortar space in downtown Edmonton. And read on to discover why today’s featured reader is excited to one day visit Glass Bookshop!

Breanna Mroczek is a bibliophile and trivia whiz who always has a fun fact or strange-but-true story on hand. She’s a communications officer at the Edmonton Arts Council, editorial assistant of Glass Buffalo, and a research-savvy freelance writer. Previously, Breanna was the associate editor at Avenue Edmonton, editor of Where Calgary, and the assistant editor of Where Edmonton. She’s an incredible advocate for print and magazine media, and was recently honoured with the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Alberta Magazine Awards for her service to the industry and its members. Read her profile to discover how reading is a reflective process for her and why she’s excited to visit Glass Bookshop!

How did books and the act of reading come to be meaningful to you?
My parents read to me all the time as a child and we always had a full bookshelf, and my favourite activity was going to the library and reading. It’s just something I’ve always done and enjoyed doing.

What is your relationship now to books and reading?
I’ve discovered that the process of reading stories helps me reflect and process my own emotions. I love when I am presented with a story that articulates the way I’m feeling or an experience I’ve had in a way that I couldn’t quite explain or understand.

Is there a book that has had significant impact on you?
White Noise by Don DeLillo. I discovered it in university and it inspired so many thoughts that I wrote my Honours Thesis about it, and it’s a book I enjoy re-reading often. Every time I return to it, I find something new to consider. Even though it was written in 1985, its commentary seems to be more relevant every year.

How do you find new books or writers?
Twitter and Instagram. I really enjoy book recommendations from people I know or am interested in, as they usually include a specific, relevant detail that hooks me.

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had in a bookstore? What makes it stand out for you?
The most memorable experience I’ve ever had in a bookstore is visiting Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I felt a sense of home; I felt welcome. I spent hours looking through the shelves and every book I picked up was with care and consideration. Even books I had read or had thought I didn’t want to read looked appealing on the shelves there. It’s just such a beautiful space and the sense of community that the owners have historically tried to cultivate is palpable. I returned there twice more during my trip, and in a city with so many things to offer that says a lot!

What do you think Glass Bookshop could offer Edmonton’s community of readers and writers?
I am so excited for Glass Bookshop because I think a “curated reading experience” is important—I think the best bookshops are ones that encourage discovery and show you something you need or want to read but didn’t know such a book existed.

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