Reader Profile: Rayanne Haines

For every day of our Indiegogo campaign, we’ll be sharing profiles from readers and supporters of Glass Bookshop both local to the city and from across Canada. Visit our campaign page now to claim cool perks and support us in building a beautiful brick-and-mortar space in downtown Edmonton. And read on to discover why today’s featured reader is excited to one day visit Glass Bookshop!

Rayanne Haines grew up on a small horse ranch in Alberta, where she spent most of her youth re-enacting scenes from Anne of Green Gables to an attentive audience of pygmy goats and roan stallions. Her mother was an avid reader and instilled a love of literature in her at a young age. She is the executive director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival and the author of a poetry collection, Stained with the Colours of Sunday Morning, and The Guardian Series. Alongside our co-owner Matthew Stepanic, she’s also one of the co-hosts of Let’s Get Lit, a podcast that pairs poetry and wine. A member of Glass Bookshop’s advisory board, Rayanne shared with us why she loves local books and what she hopes to experience at the store.

How did books and the act of reading come to be meaningful to you?

Reading has been meaningful in my life since early childhood. I believe since I’ve started engaging with the local writing community, reading has taken on a new layer, offering insight into the world and work around me, which has become much more meaningful.

What is your relationship now to books and reading?
I have a daily reading and writing practice. I read books of all genres. I see the act of reading as a opportunity to discover more about myself.

Is there a book that has had significant impact on you?
a place called No Homeland by Kai Cheng Thom

How does literature influence your sense of community?
In all ways as I primarily read local writers, indie writers, and those I’ve learned about from the local literary community.

How do you find new books or writers?
All through word of mouth!

Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had in a bookstore? What makes it stand out for you?
Whenever I attend local readings and books launches, and my experience working as a Writer-in-Residence for a local book shop.

What do you think Glass Bookshop could offer Edmonton’s community of readers and writers?
I’d love to see the shop offer space for writers to write in, as an alternative to coffee shops and libraries. A place that is inclusive in all aspects of reading, writing, and community engagement. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see writers working away in a bookstore?

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